Confidence in a
changing world

When opportunities arise, or problems present, you need to respond.

We believe organisations have the capacity and capability to make the decisions that are best for them. With our guidance, you can confidently move forward in a changing world.

Ehara taku toa, i te toa takitahi engari, he toa takitini
Success is not the work of one, it is the work of many

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Achievement through capability and connection

Jarvis McDonald Group is a Wellington-based strategic and business consultancy that works with you to build your investment story, and tell it to the people who matter.

Our achievements are built on strong networks with government agencies, funding bodies and providers, NGOs, partner organisations and ancillary providers. We are connected into this ecosystem to unlock necessary funding, and provide consultancy advice, guidance and services so that your project, and you, succeed.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

- Robert Louis Stevenson


Connect, convince, catalyse

For you and your project to succeed, you will need to tell the right story – your investment story - to the right people. JMG works with you to:



with your communities of interest



them that your project is worth supporting



them to act.


We are skilled in:

  • Providing clarity – cutting through the complexity so you gain a deep understanding of the opportunity or problem before you
  • Connecting people – facilitating and building relationships based on trust and a common vision
  • Synthesising ideas – uncovering real choices and solutions that you can own and implement
  • Re-energising – Fostering a culture of self-belief and a “can-do” approach
  • Sharing our networks – extending your communities of interest to include those who can actively assist or provide backing
  • Ensuring the story is backed by empirical evidence, data that forms the base of a rock solid foundation

And, we are with you all the way.


Your investment story

Building and telling your investment story

The purpose of your investment story is to promote and sell your project to funders.

We work with you to build your investment story, and tell it to the people who matter, so that you can secure funding.

JMG will develop your story with you, identify the funders who can help you and get your story heard by them.

We understand that funders have myriad and differing reasons to act, and those reasons will require our focus to provide the appropriate response. Your story becomes a mini-series, your funders are the audience who dip in at different chapters along the way, but we need them all to reach the same conclusion.

No story lives unless someone wants to listen.
- J K Rowling, author, UK

The campaign for funding

Think of your investment story as a mini-series. As the path toward securing investment progresses, funders need information and evidence to support a decision to back the investment you seek. Working together with you, we develop successive stories and deepening iterations, all with the goal of gaining backing for your project.

The elements of a successful campaign:
  • Establishing good governance and project controls
  • Assembling committed, interested parties and influencers - the coalition of the willing
  • Facilitating collaboration to arrive at a shared vision, common agenda and preferred solution
  • Building a body of evidence through data and information collection, analysis and evaluation
  • Identifying and engaging with aligned investors
  • Quality assurance and monitoring progress

It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.
- Zig Ziglar, author, USA


Capable, knowledgeable, connected

JMG consultants are accomplished operators in our areas of speciality. Over many years we have nurtured strong networks through which advocacy and funding have been gained. At heart, we are bound by a common ideal that success will come from your effort, alongside ours.

+ John Jarvis

John Jarvis

John (JJ) has a strong background in programme and project management. His pragmatic and thorough approach is backed by his knowledge and experience of information/project management methodologies, standards and procedures. JJ has built a strong reputation for delivery in complex environments, and capably engages with senior executive and governance teams to develop a rapport that gives confidence that their project is in safe hands. Most recently his engagements have centred on quality assurance, providing independent assessments of in-progress projects. JJ is a Principal of JMG and has responsibility for risk and quality assurance across all of our deliverables.

John Jarvis

+64 27 541 5126

+ Bill McDonald

Bill McDonald

Bill is an entrepreneur and finance specialist with a well-established track record in consultancy, primarily in local and central government and NGOs. Bill is a big-picture thinker who is agile at directing tactical responses to maximise opportunities arising from changes in the political, economic and social landscape. His capabilities span the spectrum of stakeholder engagement, analysis, proposal development, project management, monitoring and reporting. These complement his low key and approachable manner and ability to network and interact at the most senior levels of governance through to front-line staff. Bill is a Principal and JMG’s Managing Director, and leads our client engagement arm.

Bill McDonald

+64 27 268 8024

+ Mark Cassidy

Mark Cassidy

Mark is a strategist and tactician who offers extensive experience in management, strategy and governance. He has worked with, and headed, senior leadership teams and governance boards to build capability and achieve innovation in thinking and performance. Mark’s collaborative style enables him to develop strong working relationships, with solid networks across his communities of interest. He has a legal and financial background, with previous roles in NGO and financial investment and trust environments. Mark is a Principal and leads the delivery arm of JMG.

Mark Cassidy

+64 21 877 557

+ Diana Sue

Diana Sue

Diana is an experienced marketing and communications practitioner, and has worked in government, education, NGO, community and private sector settings. Diana works to understand each client’s business needs so that she can deliver the right result, considering each unique situation and its audiences across the spectrum of seniority, perspectives and capability. She is a pragmatic and hands-on operator capable of working to tight deadlines, doing what it takes to complete a job efficiently and proficiently. She draws on a broad skill set that sees her comfortable in taking on a diverse range of activities, and enjoying the insights gained from each project.

Diana Sue

+64 21 174 4195

+ David Laing

David Laing

David is a business information systems specialist, and has consulted with businesses and organisations to make the best use of their information resources. His passion is sustainability. In particular, he offers insights into how organisations can use technology to respond to climate change and other environmental impacts. David is a seasoned project manager and business analyst. He offers a reasoned and pragmatic approach to all things IT, and this has been particularly valued by our small/medium clients.

David Laing

+64 21 609 028

+ Anna Kivi

Anna Kivi

Anna is a consultant with experience in early stage business development, social enterprise and is supported by skills developed in earlier work as a senior statistical analyst. A strategic thinker and researcher, Anna is able to effectively contextualise technical information, add value and ensure content fits the intended audience. Her business acumen and objective editorial skills are valuable to any investment story development. She works well collaboratively, produces intelligible work in a compelling manner and consistently executes work of a high quality.

Anna Kivi

+64 22 610 8878

+ Richard Hall

Richard Hall

Richard is a senior analyst with strong analytical and modelling skills honed in a variety of roles in the public sector. Calm, engaged and very reliable, Richard’s strong analytical, modelling and forecasting skills are complemented by interpersonal qualities that enable him to work collegially and successfully alongside peers and colleagues, and he has delivered a range of roles including manager, trainer, workplace representative and consultant.

Richard Hall

+64 21 511 352


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